ASX Announcements

    Cochlear advises of FDA approval for four new products
    Appendix 3Y - Bruce Robinson
    Denial of appeal rehearing in US patent infringement case
    Confirmation of COVID-19 pandemic impact on trading
    Appendix 3Y - Donal O'Dwyer
    Appendix 3Y - Andrew Denver
    Appendix 3Y - Bruce Robinson
    Appendix 3Y - Yasmin Allen
    Appendix 3Y - Abbas Hussain
    Appendix 3Y - Rick Holliday-Smith
    Appendix 3Y - Michael Daniell
    Appendix 3Y - Glen Boreham
    Appendix 3Y - Diggory Howitt
    Appendix 3Y - Alison Deans
    Change in substantial holding
    Appendix 2A
    Cochlear Completes Share Purchase Plan
    Cochlear receives expedited FDA approval of Remote Check
    Temporary pay reduction for Board, CEO & senior executives
    Becoming a substantial holder

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