ASX Announcements

    Appendix 2A
    Appendix 3Y - Alison Deans
    COH receives FDA approval for Baha 6 Max Sound Processor
    HY21 Result Presentation Slides
    COH HY21 Result ASX & Media Release
    Dividend/Distribution - COH
    Half Yearly Report and Accounts
    Appointment of Stu Sayers as CFO
    Appendix 2A
    Notice of HY21 result analyst and media briefing
    Stu Sayers appointed Acting CFO
    Denial of Appeal in US patent infringement case
    Typographical Errors in the Constitution of Cochlear
    Appendix 2A
    Appendix 3X - Christine Frances McLoughlin
    Appendix 2A
    Appendix 3G
    Appendix 3Z - Donal O'Dwyer
    Appendix 3G
    Appendix 3Y - Diggory Howitt
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